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Welcome to UKoLoS

UKoLoS stands for "Ultra-Wideband Radio Technologies for Communications, Localization and Sensor Applications". It is the 6-year priority programme SPP1202 supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. Scientists from all over Germany are invited to participate in diverse interdisciplinary UKoLoS-projects. The aim is to build a nation-wide network of UWB expertise able to reach out for international cooperations.

You can find out about the 3 main focuses of UKoLoS. Project descriptions and UKoLoS publications will be available as well. The website also provides useful information for UKoLoS participants.


» Communication

Wireless communication systems can benefit in different ways from the usage of very broadband signals...


» Localisation

Localisation devices can reach high resolutions and high accuracy provided by a large bandwidth...

Sensor Technology

» Sensor Technology

UWB sensors are non-destructive em- measurement devices collecting more information...

Or you can find some interesting » background information on UWB in general.

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