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General UWB background information

This section presents introductory chapters to UWB technology for the interested reader with some basic technical background. You can learn about what applications exist for UWB, its history, and what technical facts form the basis for UWB.

This section is under constant development and should be extended throughout the life of UKoLoS. Readers are always welcome to make additions or corrections to the sites presented here. Please use the links provided at the end of each topic.

Experience the multiple possibilities to use UWB in the fields of communication, localisation and sensor technology. Read about UWB’s advantages in such areas.
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It may seem unbelievable, but UWB radio has been existing since the first em-waves were transmitted by men. Find out about the main stations UWB passed until today.
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Learn about the physical principles and mathematical tools of UWB, such as absolute and fractional bandwidth, correlation and so on.
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